Suicide takes courage
Suicide takes courage


"A coward’s way out”, they say. They have no idea! Suicide takes courage; it takes a whole damn lot of courage. I am not talking about the people who use so called suicide attempts to get attention or as a cry for help, I am talking about the planned, prepared and awaited end of one’s life; the agreement to consciously and knowingly take the final step a physical being can possibly take. I speak from personal experience - I have been there, and I have done that. The only reason that I am still alive today, is because I was found ‘in time’.  I was prepared, primed, and ready to go and cross that final boundary, that last step of my physical existence….and I did. I know what it means to have been in exactly that situation, in which the decision to end one’s own life has been taken and all actions needed to fulfill that task had been carried out."  


This is the first paragraph of a book that I will write if the Funding campaign is successful. It started when I was watching CNN and heard about Robin Williams committing suicide. There was a discussion and someone said "Oh yeah, Suicide - the cowards way out".

This made me freak out. What do THEY know? HOW would they know? They do not!

I know! I have done that and I have been there; I went through an entire week of preparation to make sure that I would be successful - and I was! The only reason that I am still alive, is that I was found 'in time' 

I have told only a few people about these events, but everyone I did talk to encouraged me to write a book about my experiences, my thoughts and my state of mind.

I am willing to do that but I can only complete this task if I quit my current occupation - a well paid and secure job that I will loose forever.

For this reason, I am trying the Funding campaign; if it is successful I will write that book and share everything I can about what happened, what made me do it and what came out of it all.


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